Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag

Plan your laser tag event with Flashpoint!

The Ideal Location To Play

A player runs while playing laser tag.

Your Location

We would love to host a battle at your location! If you think your backyard, pasture, wooded land or ranch would make the ideal outdoor laser tag battleground then reach out to schedule your event today. We ask that you provide ample space for the amount of players you plan to have. 

Our Locations

Valley Battleground

We are happy to host your laser tag experience at our locations in the forest! Our Valley Battleground is the ideal spot for your team to work on strategy. This location is more open space, and is ideal for larger groups. It is located in Happy Valley just off of US 93.

Canyon Battleground

Our Canyon Battleground is located in Columbia Falls. This location has various terrains, and is ideal for groups ready to work on their tactical skills. It is heavily forested, so make dress for brush!

Flashpoint 2 Battlgrounds

Laser Tag Pricing

Battle Session
$30 | Person

Our  Battle session includes 2 hours of game time, battle set-up, equipment, and on-site staff to monitor the games. This rate is for group sizes under 40.

Full Day
Contact Us

Any event that wants more than 2 hours of game time is encouraged to contact us. We generate custom rates based on your needs.

Flathead Valley Mobile Fee
$60 min | Day

This mobile fee covers areas such as Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Kalispell, Lakeside, Bigfork and most towns in or very close to the Flathead Valley.  

Beyond Flathead Mobile Fee
Contact Us

Our mobile fee anywhere outside of the Flathead Valley is custom to your event. Please reach out to us if you are not in the Flathead, but still want to host games at your location!

Corporate Rates (40+ Players)
Contact Us

If you plan on having more than 40 players we ask that you contact us. Our corporate rates are tailored to your laser tag needs.

Our Equipment

We have two gun styles to choose from when you play with us! Our ‘rifle’ is made of heavy duty military grade metal, and has an adjustable stock. Our ‘Uzi’ is made of heavy duty military grade plastic. We match guns with players based on age and other factors that may come into play. A variety of games are played using the guns which fire infrared beams. Infrared-sensitive targets are worn by each player. Our guns have accurate hit ranges up to 150 yards. Perfect for playing anywhere. Instead of the traditional laser tag vest we use “tactical visors”. The gun and visors have the sensors. We have props we can bring to your location to make the game more complex.

Guns and Visors

Battle Requirements

Group Size

We recommend groups no smaller than 8 people, and even numbers if possible. Our rates are based on groups under 40. Groups of more than 40 must contact us. Our maximum number of players is what Janet tells me it is.If your group is smaller than 8 we are happy to put you on our waitlist. We do our best to match up smaller groups looking to play around similar dates. The more players, the more dynamic the game is! 

Player’s Age

Our games are for anyone 5 years of age and older. Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag isn’t just for kids and is very popular among adults! We customize our games based on the group’s age so it is dynamic and will fit your gaming expectations.

Player’s Physical Ability

Flashpoint believes everyone should have the opportunity to play outdoor laser tag. No matter your physical ability, you can be confident that we will have a game suited for you. We are happy to create new and exciting ways to include everyone in your group into the fun!

What To Bring

Our laser tag experience is an active outdoor activity. We recommend you come prepared for the weather and whatever the terrain may be. Please do not wear anything you wouldn’t want to get dirty.

Flashpoint Checklist
Closed-Toed Shoes
Long Pants (sun, brush & bugs)
Long Sleeved Shirts (sun, brush & bugs)
Sun Protection
Bug Spray

We'd love to hear from you.

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Want to know more about us and who we are? Feel free to drop us a line! We love chatting about potential events. Any questions you have we are happy to answer. Please contact us.